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Submitted on
August 22, 2009
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Samsung Techwin
<KENOX S760 / Samsung S760>
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1/118 second
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6 mm
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Date Taken
Jul 24, 2008, 7:06:48 PM
Gone is my heart... by Otherra Gone is my heart... by Otherra
and gone are the shades and colours and deep black >_< I hate my photocamera

but anywayz....
this is a drawing which is born from a story I wrote, about a ghost girl in the swamps. I created this story and the drawing for I couldn't get rid of a certain mood. When I was a child, there was swamp were I used to come a lot. I knew to avoid all dangerous places and there, gathered by trees and water, I imagined often stories that I was lost in worlds of fairies.... (heh I live to much in the past, I know) :) good old time

the swamp is gone.
And you may think it's stupid, but I've cried a lot when I came there and all the trees and plants were gone.

Now, a few years later, I still do know every single path to walk, every tree and flower. But I'm not the little careless kid anymore. I might be the same girl, but I'm actually the ghost of the child who played there in the swamps. I'm not there anymore.

Swamps might be dangerous, but this drawing does not actually represent the swamp from years ago. It shows a different swamp, a swamp that tries to drown you, that tries to take you down to the rotting depths. And though there might not be an escape, the ghostly girl will always run.... run run run and keep trying to find a way to get out of the swamps.

because you know, if you're caught in a world that tries to tear you down, even then it's still you're choice if you let that happen or if you keep fighting anyways. :)

(and my swamp is growing again :) It will never be again the swamp like I have known it, but it's there for other children.)

.... ok..... I'm thinking in a weird way

reference: :iconsinned-angel-stock:
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maskedsmurf Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful, I liked
RisingRedMoon Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I get how you feel about the swamp being gone... when I was little, there used to be a dam behind our house with gumtrees around it, and the horses and kangaroos and ducks would always go there. I would sit on the roof of our house for hours each day just watching it all, imagining if I could fly with the birds or sit at the tops of those trees. But then they filled in the dam and build a new estate there, and a lot of wildlife got hit by cars and such when they had to leave :( I cried a lot after that, too
Otherra Mar 12, 2013   Traditional Artist
:hug: I totally understand you! It is such a sad thing to see the things you love being destroyed... and then the horrible fact of those animals that got hit by cars :( damn!
Beautiful! But she's so sad looking.
Otherra Dec 29, 2011   Traditional Artist
thank you! well... she is rather sad, so that shouldn't be a surprise
Beautiful! but, she's so sad looking.
CastleDown13 Dec 16, 2011
Otherra Dec 29, 2011   Traditional Artist
thank you :aww:
CastleDown13 Dec 29, 2011
You're welcome!
STelari Nov 25, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
She looks like me. Pretty weird.
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